What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction, common sexual issue in men

What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction, common sexual issue in men
  • Although ED can affect men of all ages after puberty, it is more common in men under the age of 40, and the likelihood of it increasing as time passes.
  • If you’re experiencing erection problems, it’s critical to speak with your doctor. All of these erectile dysfunction medications are available at PillsPalace pharmacy.
  • A men’s health expert will play an important role in your poor health and treatment plan. It is also known as barrenness and occurs when a person is unable to achieve or maintain a sufficiently firm erection in order to engage in sexual relations.
  • While most people laugh and joke about these advertisements, erectile dysfunction can be a serious medical problem.
  • It’s important to remember that regardless of whether you’re having erectile dysfunction, there are treatment options available to help you reclaim a wonderful sexual relationship.

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The following are 14 common health issues that can cause ED


  • The cerebrum is an area that is frequently overlooked. The sexual excitement starts in your head and gradually fades away.
  • Gloom can reduce your desire for food and lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Surprisingly, many medications used to treat depression can also suffocate your charisma, make it difficult to get an erection, and delay your climax.
  • Relationship problems that put pressure on the relationship can cause problems in the room.
  • Other contributing factors include misery, tension, low confidence, blame, and the fear of sexual disappointment.

Alcohol consumption:

  • You might think about having a few drinks to get you in the mood, but keeping yourself entertained may prevent you from finishing the demonstration.
  • Fortunately, moderate drinking a few glasses per day may have health benefits, such as a lower risk of coronary artery disease.
  • Furthermore, these risks are similar to those associated with erectile dysfunction.


  • Diabetes is a particularly depressing diagnosis for a variety of reasons, and unfortunately, ED is one of the clinical issues that a diabetic man must frequently deal with.
  • In any case, the manner in which you manage your glucose has a significant impact on your risks.
  • Impotence affects between 22 and 12 percent of all men in their 40s, but if you just look at those with high glucose levels, that rate jumps to half.

Lifestyle Changes and Obesity:

  • This is one of the reasons why researchers accept that obesity and a sedentary lifestyle (nearly no exercise, poor food choices, and so on) can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Fortunately, this is usually a reversible problem. You’ll become healthier and more active with the right assistance. Your erections will most likely improve and last longer as a result of this.


  • When you’re overburdened with work and reception responsibilities, it’s difficult to maintain a positive attitude. Your penis, like other parts of your body, can be affected by stress.

Low Testosterone:

  • It’s estimated that one out of every four men has testosterone levels that are lower than normal, also known as low T.
  • You’ll have more manifestations if your testosterone level is low. This is frequently related to a simple biopsy and can be managed with medicine.

Physical injury:

  • While practising is great for your health, avoid doing any active work that will harm your lower half, as injuries to those areas can lead to ED.
  • With cycling’s growing popularity, men are wondering if it contributes to erectile dysfunction.
  • A replacement report published in the Journal of Men’s Health concluded that there was no link between delayed cycling and prostate cancer.

Medical condition:

  • Serious illnesses, such as coronary artery disease, could be the cause of your erectile dysfunction.
  • Indeed, the causes of coronary artery disease are essentially the same.
  • These symptoms may appear before coronary artery disease develops as a result of cardiovascular issues such as atherosclerosis.
  • There are a variety of drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, that can increase or cause impotence.
  • Certain antidepressants, hypertension medications, antihistamines, indigestion medications, and narcotic agony relievers are among them.
  • However, this is by no means a comprehensive list, so if you’re having erection issues and have recently started taking another prescription, ask your drug specialist or endorsing specialist if the two are connected.


  • Carrying extra pounds can have an impact on your sexual presentation as well as your confidence.
  • Fat men have lower levels of testosterone, a male hormone that is necessary for sexual desire and, as a result, erection formation.
  • Erectile dysfunction, like many other medical issues, appears to become more common as people get older.
  • Despite the fact that between 22 and 12 percent of men in their 40s experiences the negative effects of some sort of weakness; this rate rises as life progresses.
  • Truth be told, the majority of men over the age of 70 suffer from a variety of erectile dysfunction symptoms.


  • The contents of your medicine cabinet can have an impact on your room’s display.
  • While these medications can treat a condition, they can also affect chemicals, nerves, or the bloodstream, increasing your risk.
  • If you suspect that your erectile issues are the result of medication, you should consult your doctor. Cenforce coupons are a popular topic on our website.


  • Anger can bring blood to your face, but not where you want it once you’re rolling around in the hay.
  • When you’re angry, it’s difficult to feel heartfelt, regardless of whether your rage is directed at your accomplice. Unspoken resentment or poorly communicated outrage can exacerbate execution problems in the room.

Tobacco use:

  • Smoking lowers blood flow throughout the body. This is a representation of a man’s penis veins.
  • It appears to be significantly more difficult to urge and maintain an erection if the blood supply to them decreases.
  • Fortunately, this is frequently reversible. If you simply stop smoking, you will notice an improvement in your erections.

Mental health issues:

  • Examples of these stressors include doom, dread, relationship problems, torment, watching a lot of pornography, and even execution tension in the room (think nerves first. time).
  • These are reasonable and, with the right help or treatment, may be reversible.

Vascular disease:

  • Many men are uncomfortable talking to their doctors about erectile dysfunction symptoms; however, it is critical to treat your symptoms, as impotence is frequently a warning sign of impending coronary illness.
  • In nearly 70% of cases, it occurs before coronary vein disease. The veins in the penis are not as prominent as those in other parts of the body.
  • These small courses within the penis are influenced before by atherosclerosis in basic coronary corridor sickness (obstructed veins).

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