What are the Best and Sexiest Lingerie If You are a Curvy Woman?


Being curvy is not easy at all. Even though people might envy you for your fuller breast and dainty love handles, they don’t know the real quest to find the right lingerie. Hear it from someone who has been on the heavier side of the scale all her life. Being a plus size woman, it has always been pretty tricky to get the right lingerie for me. The general idea about lingerie for plus size women is that we are only looking for what is comfortable. And this is what I find really annoying. Why just comfort? Why are plus size women deprived of style, elegance, and sensuousness? Well, not anymore.

I have been screening through the collections of sexy lingerie for plus size women from numerous stores, online and offline. And finally, I have found some of the best lingerie that not only offer comfort and support but also make me feel sexy and sensuous while boosting my confidence. So, in the following points, I am going to share some of these pieces that I love in my lingerie closet. Get inspired ladies as you will love them too.

Enhance Those Curves Glamorously

This one is particularly a favorite of mine, something that can be worn after a candlelight dinner date. This is a cute LBD that can a perfect thing to wear when you want to look extremely confident and sexy. This dress will perfectly adorn and enhance your curvy appeal while making sure you look stunning. The sheer front and back will add a perfect peek-a-boo effect to your attire. And the lace hemline will add up to the style and elegance of the dress. When you are donning a dress like this, you can be the diva as well as the perfect seductress, whichever you choose to be or you can be both!

The Magic of Lace and Mesh

Lingerie has a huge part to play when you are planning your wedding night or your honeymoon. No wonder people spend dollars on sexy bridal lingerie. So, when you are looking for the perfect babydoll dress lingerie that will just enchant your husband while make you look dainty even if you have some extra pounds on the scale. The elegant lace design around the bust area gives me the feel of elegance that I look for when I am planning a romantic night with my partner. Also, the mesh fall of the lingerie creates a perfect illusion that will make me look much slimmer. The keyhole neckline is perfect for flaunting the cleavage while keeping the rest of your secrets safe for some time. This dress comes with the criss-cross waist panty that completes the ensemble. This is undoubtedly one of the best investments for me in the last few years.

A Little Bit of BDSM

When it comes to healthy sex life, it is necessary that you spice things up every now and then. And for that, you need to get your hands on the right type of lingerie too. When I decided to add a touch of bondage and dominance in the bedroom game, I decided to get this one for myself. The caged design of the babydoll seemed to be perfect for the fresh start of this little twist in the passion play for me. Also, the navy color along with the lace and mesh material was perfect to make it look stunning and elegant. Also, you might not believe, but this is an extremely comfortable piece of lingerie you can ever find. So, if you are just like me, trying to look sensuous while feeling the most comfortable in your skin, you should pick this up.

Perk up the Hotness Quotient

This one is still on my wishlist but surely I feel that even a plus size woman needs a piece like this in their wardrobe to show off the curves that are to die for. If you are looking for sexy teddy lingerie, this one is a must-have. The beautiful lace teddy is the perfect one that shows off your bust in the most adorning way. The back open design comes as a bold touch in your otherwise super sensuous lingerie.

So, when you are a plus size woman and looking for the perfect lingerie that will not only limit themselves in comfort but will offer you style and confidence to make you feel sexy, go for these options. From one curvy woman to another, you won’t regret these investments.


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