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Cenforce 100

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8 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Usually thought of with aging Erectile dysfunction is a frequent occurrence for males. However, this issue has nothing to do with the aging process. Men can take a few preventive actions to avoid a recurrence as well as prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction the first place.


The food a person eats can have a profound effect on the entire of his body. And the this is also true for penis. According to the director of men’s sexual health programs at New York University of medical center at Long One and professor of Urology Andrew McCullough “everything that is not good or a man heart is also bad for the penis”. Insufficient diet reduces blood flow to arteries, which can lead to heart attack .

It can also stop blood flow to the penis which causes the penis to be unable to get erectile. Research has proven that erectile dysfunction is a major common in those who eat a Mediterranean diet that includes vegetables, grains fruits, fish, olive oil wine, nuts and wine which are good for heart. The connection to sexual functioning as well as Mediterranean eating habits was confirmed through research conducted through Irwin Goldstein, director of sexual medicine in San Diego at Alvarado hospital.


It has been prove that overweight men have problems with erectile dysfunction more often than those who are of normal weight. Being overweight is associate with it a variety of diseases like diabetes type 2 since it can causes nerve damage throughout the body and penis also. Therefore, keeping a healthy weight is another way to avoid erectile dysfunction.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol are both factors that contribute to Erectile dysfunction due to the damage it causes to the blood vessels that drain blood from the penis. You should monitor blood pressure and cholesterol on a regular basis. Digital blood pressure monitors that can measure blood pressure are accessible to monitor your blood pressure at the comfort of your home. Although doctors suggest hypertension as the primary cause of the erectile dysfunction resulting from damage to the arterial system. There are a variety of causes for problems in erection, as a result of medicines that lower blood pressure.


Exercise is beneficial for everyone and essential to a healthy lifestyle. They assist all organs in the body function well and the that is also true for penis too. Aerobics, swimming, running are great forms of exercise that helps to in preventing Erectile dysfunction. The medication contains Cenforce 200 of sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor and helps to create a firmer erection. However, one must be aware of activities like cycling that could be harmful by putting pressure on the penis do it in an exercise-related manner. Avoid long distance cycling, and utilize appropriate pads and cycling shots prior to contemplating making cycling an everyday routine exercise.


Men should have their testosterone tested at the age of 40 as they can fall and cause depression, difficulty in making choices, poor sexual drive and a lack of strength. All this is a result of an erectile dysfunction.


Smoking is a scourge that is affecting the world at present. In addition to other health issues smoking causes. It also harms blood vessels that prevent penis to take in blood flow.

Any injury

Any injury to the penis may also be the cause of Erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is risky to indulge in sexual activities. Penis is not suppose to come out abruptly from the vaginal region, or even penetrat. Prior to the vaginal region is wet to protect penis from injuries. If any act of the partners, especially women on the top, hurts penis, it should be immediately stop and change at that exact time to avoid harm.


It is important to avoid stress since it may also cause erectile dysfunction as it can increase the levels of adrenaline hormones in the body


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