The 5 Secrets To Achieving Success On Your Next Date


Congratulations! You have finally managed to get the date with that special someone. You might have met them at a club or even at a singles event in Sydney – now all that matters is how you can ace the date! 


The first date can seem like you are walking on thin ice. You want to be smart while also not being over-smart. You want to be your true self while also not giving away everything on the first date. 


These are the sad perils everyone goes through on the first date. Being anxious and having sweaty palms are common. 


Here we will share some ways you can make your date more fun and less terrifying that will eventually lead you to a second date. 


Choose The Right Location 


Choosing the right location can make or break your date. It sets the tone for how you will spend time together with your date. 


It is best to choose a quaint little coffee shop or even a local bar to spend your date. The atmosphere here is relaxed, meaning you can pay more attention to your date without being anxious and get to connect well with them. 


Moreover, if you don’t hit it off after the first round of drinks, you may leave. If you get along, you may have even more fun and spend a long time in a bar or cafe.


However, avoid opting for a place like a restaurant! 


We say this because if there comes a time where you are just not enjoying the date, you can bolt from there respectfully. You need to wait around for the food and stick with your date till the very end, which can be anything from a thrilling experience to have. 


Remember Conversation Is A Two-Way Street


Most often, we love to talk more about ourselves and listen less about others. On a date, this attitude could lead to a recipe for disaster. 


You should be more interested to know about your date and for once let them speak! 


Listening is key, and you will be amazed how good two-way conversations can open up the key to shared interests. It’s not necessary to have interests in the same thing; you can even have a shared dislike! It can be a dislike over some food, sports players, or something entirely different.


Create A Good First Impression


First impressions are key to nail your first date. There are many ways a first date could go wrong based on an impression. 


Touching should be limited and natural, nothing too sexual. You can help them inside the cafe by guiding them in, or you can open the door for them and help them out. That’s it! Please don’t go around holding their neck or being too close or creepy. 


Dress appropriately and for the occasion. Don’t turn up in a cafe with formals or an in a party with shorts! Neat and tidy and dressed appropriately – is the only rule. 


Always Be Present 


In 2021 “being present” is one of the most important pieces of advice as most people have the shortest attention span. Stop scrolling through TikTok and Reels when your date is in front.


It’s not just disrespectful, but it is a sure way you will be in outs! 


Final Thoughts


Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. You don’t want your stress to reflect in your attitude. You want to be smiling and having fun with your date the entire time.


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