Seal Your Love With a Promise – Most Romantic Ways to Gift Her a Ring


Gifting a ring is considered more sacred than giving normal jewelry in our society. This actually means the promise that you make with your love to always stay together against every up and down in life. But it is very important that you choose a memorable day, time, and situation to gift your love this special jewelry. Yes, we agree there are lots of ideas available on Google for the best ways to gift her a nice and beautiful ring, but we have the most special ones listed in this post.

The best way to gift her a ring

When you think that you are finally in love and nothing can alter this feeling for your partner, ensure that you don’t delay in expressing your feelings to her. And rings are considered the best ways to mention your feelings to somebody in the most charismatic manner and to establish that you intend to spend the years of your life together. Well, if you are looking for some exciting ways to do so, then we have some romantic tricks:

  • Hide it in a wine glass

The absolutely fantastic gifting idea that never goes wrong is here. Make it just like the Hollywood romantic proposal. Yes, you can always instruct the waiter serving the wine during your special candlelight dinner and surprise your love with a ring inside the glass.

  • Organize a treasure hunt

Now this is a way to make this gifting a bit more special, fun, and exciting. Organize a nice treasure hunt with your loved one and hide this ring somewhere where she won’t find it easily. Let her hunt it down for herself and see her surprised and glad both for the gift and the sign of commitment.

  • Hide the ring in a bouquet

It is ok if you feel too nervous to directly gift the ring to her. You can simply send it via the special rose bouquet you are planning to gift her or take the flowers yourself. The result would be her blushed face full of pleasure when she sees the lovely ring smiling amidst the flowers.

  • Hide it under her pillow

Well, this trick only works if your love doesn’t throw her pillows off the bed in her sleep. (Pun intended!) On a serious note, a ring with a sweet handwritten note hidden under the pillow could be the best way to make her smile early in the morning.

  • In a bath bomb

Bath bombs are super cool accessories that take your bathing to the next level. These are available in lovely colors and shapes as well. So, if your love enjoys indulging in a hot, fragrant bath after a tiring day, you can ease off her stress and even show your love with the help of these bath bombs. Wondering how? With the help of bath bomb rings from Twisted Fizzers. Their exceptional range of bath bombs and other self-grooming products are considered as the best gifts, for they are of great quality as well. Imagine her glee when she finds the ring in her bath bomb!

 Aren’t all these ways lovely to gift that charming ring to your loved one? Well, go and try any of these immediately and see how it beautifies your relationship further. 


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