How to Treat a Naughty Girl


In the car, I got my sweater back for the ride home. It provided more warmth than coverage, and you certainly took advantage of how laid bare I was willing to be for you.

Reaching over, you tugged down the neckline of my dress, exposing my propped-up tits and rock hard nipples. You worked your magic, pinching and tweaking them while I moaned and writhed in my seat.

“Turn towards me, dirty girl, I’m done sharing you. I don’t want anyone getting a glimpse of your naughty little nipples.”

I did as I was told, angling my body to face you, hiding my naked breasts from outside view. At the next stoplight, you made me hike up my skirt for you. When I obliged, slowly sliding the fabric the mere inches it took to expose myself, you took hold of the front of my g-string.

“Did you enjoy our outing, naughty girl from the escortlist? Walking around barely dressed, showing off your slutty little body?”

You tugged my g-string upwards, pulling the fabric back and forth between my legs. I quivered with the exquisite ache of it.

“Y-yes… oh, god… yes, boss… I… I loved it…” I conceded.

“Of course you did… look at yourself.”

I took stock of the state I was in… tits on display, skirt hiked up exposing my ass and all my dripping wetness… squirming in the passenger seat of your car while you toyed with me…

“I-I know… I can’t help it…”

“I know you can’t.” Your voice was laced with a teasing kind of pity that sent a thrill through me.

The light turned green, and you released your hold on me. Without instruction to do otherwise, I stayed in my naughty, exposed position.

You once again treated me to the torments you’d been considering, and the thought of living out your suggestions made me practically want to hump the seat…

“So, I figured there were a few options for finishing your lesson… I thought about taking you to the grocery store in that outfit, where there would be more people and brighter lights…” I let out a small whimper, but you just smirked and went on. “Then I thought about setting up my phone again, to record you getting yourself off right here in the car… like making your own little porno!” you offered brightly.

I bit my lip over a small, shameful smile.

“Yes,” you went on, “I thought you might enjoy that one a little too much. Wouldn’t you?”

We’d stopped at another red light, and you reached over to give my bare ass a few sharp smacks.

“Yes… oh… yes, boss…” I confessed.

“Obviously you’re desperate to come at this point, since you’re a dirty, naughty girl who not so secretly loves her punishments,” you admonished.

“I’m sorry, boss,” I offered. “What can I do… to prove to you that I’m learning my lesson?”

“Hmm…” you considered. “I do have one possible idea, but I’m still thinking about it. For now, I think you should watch this. I remembered you already made your own porno today.”

Procuring your phone, you pulled up a video and handed it to me. It was the recording you’d made of me earlier in the evening, when you had me stripped almost naked and up against the wall.

I spent the rest of the car ride obediently watching as you covered parts of me in whipped cream and then took your time licking it off, savoring every moment… I was a little ashamed to see how often I stole glances at the camera, since you’d left it facing me… Especially while you were all too briefly going down on me… I kept looking at the screen, watching myself struggle to hold still, while all I wanted to do was writhe under the agonizing pleasure of your touch…

“What do you think?” you asked.

“I… I keep looking at myself, on camera,” I answered.

“Of course you do. Your entire punishment came about today because you love escorts so much, you decided to order some alone in your hotel room, and pay for it with a credit card. That makes you one horny, desperate girl, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, boss…” I agreed, knowing just how true it was. My libido always got me into so much trouble… I could never get enough.

We pulled into our driveway, but after shutting off the car, you made no move to get out. The video of me starring in my own porn had ended, and you took your phone back from me.

Turning to face me more fully, the streetlight illuminated your irresistibly sexy profile.

“Tell me what you did to yourself, in the hotel room. I want details,” you instructed.

“I, um… was laying on the bed… watching, um…”

“Naughty Secretary Nights?” you prompted.


“And what exactly were you watching?”

“Um… a secretary mixed up some important files… and she um, her boss made her strip, and, um… bend over the desk… so she could be punished.”

“Of course… and how was she punished?”

“With, um… lots of spankings. And then, um, she had to beg, to be fucked…”

You smirked, reaching a casual hand across the space between us to gently graze my nipples.

“I bet you loved that, didn’t you?”

‘Y-yes… yes, boss,” I admitted.

“And what were you doing, while the naughty secretary begged to be fucked?”

“I um, oh… um, I was on the bed, in my lingerie… then I pulled down my panties…”

“Were you on your back or on my stomach?”

“Um… on my stomach, so I could see the TV better…” I flushed with the shame of it, and you twisted each of my nipples.

“That sounds about right… So you pulled down your panties, and then what?”

“I… ohh… um, oh… I rubbed m-my clit… until I came… ohh, god…”

“And did you play with your nipples, too?”

“Ohh… y-yes, boss,” I confessed, “but it j-just made me m-miss… y-you… oh god…”

“Uh-huh… I bet it did.” You pinched harder, making me moan and arch my back toward you. “And I bet you really want to be fucked right now, don’t you?”

‘Yes, oh god… yes…”

Chuckling, you used both hands to torment my aching nipples at the same time, rubbing and flicking and pinching just the way I liked it… loved it, craved it…

“Oh, come now… You know you’re going to have to beg,” you teased.

“Please…. Please, boss… oh, god, please fuck me… please…”

“Mmm, I love the sound of that. Do it some more.”

“Please fuck me, please…. Oh, fuck, ohhh god… please… I’ll do… anything… ohhh…”

Releasing your hold on me, you sat back and watched me catch my breath, my tits still heaving from your exquisite torture.

“Good. Because I want you to walk from here to the porch, just like that.”

I whimpered, squirming in my seat.

“W-with my cardigan on or off, boss?”

“That’s a good question.” You pondered for a moment before answering. “I think you can leave it on, but when you get out of the car, don’t adjust it. If it falls on its own and covers your ass, that’s fine. But if it doesn’t, you leave that slutty little ass of yours on display for whoever happens to be looking, understood?”

I nodded, feeling ravenous from all of your excruciating and delicious provocations.

“Y-yes, boss… Understood.”

“Good girl. And of course, you are under no circumstances allowed to wrap that sweater around you. No matter what, I want you to give our neighbors a good, long look at those indecent, bouncy, punished tits of yours.”

I lowered my lashes and nodded through my blushing.

“Yes, boss. Whatever you say.”

“That’s right. And maybe – if you can show me how good you are at following instructions – maybe once we’re inside I’ll fuck you.”

A small whimper escaped my lips as you climbed out of the car. I turned and followed suit, being extra careful not to adjust my clothing at all.

It was hardest when I stood completely upright, and my cardigan stayed propped up by my generous ass cheeks. It went against every instinct I had not to cover myself, but with you standing on the porch watching my every move, I knew I had to do as you’d instructed.

Walking to the porch, I was more aware than ever before of which neighbors still had lights on. I did my best to keep my eyes on you, so I wouldn’t notice someone peeking out their window and lose my nerve.

As I reached the porch, my sweater finally slid down to cover my ass, but my relief was short lived.

“You can face the street while I unlock the door,” you said with a wicked glint in your eye.

Doing as I was told, I turned my body toward the street, putting myself on full display under our porch light. Not only were my buoyant tits still spilling over the top of my French sling, but with my dress still hiked up around my waist, I realized I hadn’t been allowed to adjust my g-string, either. It was still tugged up between my pussy lips where you’d left it, so I was now showing off my most vulnerable parts of myself for all to see…

And you certainly were taking your time with the door lock.

“Wouldn’t you know it… damn thing is sticking again,” you claimed, full of faux innocence.

I stood dutifully by your side, and just before you opened the door to let me in, I was mortified to spot a couple of figures in one of the lit windows across the street. I couldn’t tell who they were, but I sure knew what they saw…

Before I had time to process my embarrassment, you had me in the front hall with the door closed behind us. Shoving me up against the wall, you tore off my cardigan and grabbed my tits from behind.

“Is this what you want?” you taunted, playing with the wetness between my legs.

“Y-yes… please… oh, god, yes… please, please fuck me, please…” I begged, and would continue to beg, until you gave me what I longed for.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long.