Here are some naughty things you can do with your girlfriend tonight


We all experience that sudden urge once in a while — love becomes too overwhelming that we can’t resist expressing it with our girl regardless. We can’t just drag her into the bedroom — she needs to be taken ever so slowly but surely in a way that can only be done by you – yes, even if she’s already your girlfriend. You can do sexy things with your girlfriend tonight before you both fall in love all over again – being naughty is nice!

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  • The night ends with dinner in bed. Dinner in bed is more romantic than breakfast in bed (although still romantic), try it! You shouldn’t go out to dinner every time but rather grab a blanket instead. If you pair it with a few DVDs, then voila — you’ve got yourself an opportunity to make it more romantic. It’s no problem kissing or caressing because tonight is your night.
  • A nice long massage will do her good. Couples will always enjoy a massage – why not offer her one after a tiring day at work? In addition to relaxing her, a good massage can also turn her on and make her aware of the sexual tension between the two of you. She will be itching for you to get more intimate with her sooner if you treat each part of her body like a precious thing.
  • There’s nothing like sweet foreplay. If you treat them to a slow, agonizing, exciting, and teasing foreplay, they will melt. Stick to your routine on this one – make sure you show her that you are totally free to make sweet love with her all night long – you will have her calling your name and moaning while she sleeps.
  • Give her a feeling of being a queen. Have you been dreaming of naughty things all day long? Don’t miss tonight’s big night! Don’t forget to make sure that your girl is in a good mood. Talk to her about her day, prepare a nice dinner for her, and build as much sexual tension as you can. Also, be sensitive to her body language, she might just be tired or not feeling it right now. Otherwise, you’d better get ready for a wild night!

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