Biggest Reason You Should Hire A Matchmaker Rather Than Online Dating


When most people think of dating or how they might meet a potential partner, they imagine various scenarios.

Most people watch movies and they are exposed to the “meet-cute” formula. Meet-cute is a funny, unusual way for two people to meet.

Directors use this technique to entice viewers to fall in love with the characters and their love affair. This is exactly what goes through everyone’s mind when they consider how they will find love.

Finding love is not as simple as a staged “meet-cute” plan.

We live in a world where there is an app for everything, from finding a plumber to having a salon in the comfort of your own home, so there is no surprise that there are many dating apps available.

Matchmaking is another option that is frequently overlooked. It is dismissed as out-of-date.

But, since we outsource all of our services, why not entrust professional people to generate relationship leads for us?

In this blog, we’ll look at how matchmaking is a far more practical option than dating.

Tailored Service 

Because they did it for a long time, skilled matchmakers can select someone out of thousands of prospects for you.

Yes, they may not find you the Miss and Mr. Perfect on the first try, but they will match you with people who respect the commitment. 

Which is merely what we can say about bumble or tinder! 

You are going to receive a personalized service. A matchmaker will do everything in their power to find someone who is best for you, which is better than spending hours filling up forms on dating websites. 

Group Effort

Matchmakers are no longer portrayed as middle-aged women flipping through profiles while sipping coffee; instead, the industry is rapidly expanding.

Yes, matchmakers are primarily responsible for finding you the right match. However, 20% of their responsibility is to ensure that you are prepared for your date.

A professional matchmaker usually has a team at their disposal, including dating coaches, etiquette experts, and even stylists, all with one goal in mind: to get you READY for the DATE.

The team is in charge of avoiding any problems that may arise when you go on a date.

The right person, the right attitude, and the right guidance will ensure that your date goes smoothly.

Provides Clarity 

How disappointed will you be if you go on a date only to discover that the person you’re meeting does not share your dating objectives?

When you meet people through matchmaking services, it is assumed that the person you are meeting is serious about finding true love.

Most people who join agencies state unequivocally that they want a long-term relationship, not a fling.

Safe Approach 

We’ve all heard horror stories about how dangerous online dating can be. It makes no difference whether you’re a man or a woman.

After a date, people have been robbed or molested, and the people you meet may even look nothing like the person in the profile!

However, with matchmaking, the person you will meet is the one you have seen in the profile.

All the people who register with matchmaking agencies are checked and verified. After all, you should never fall in love while taking your safety for granted.


If any of these points strike a chord in your heart and you want to explore and matchmaking, many dating agencies in Sydney are a good place to start.

Matchmakers will look after you and get to know you before finding you a connection that will bring you love and happiness.


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