Best Safe Dating Ideas for Meeting Someone for the First Time


Blind dates and dating apps are pretty common nowadays. You tend to become friends with potential partners through these apps and then proceed further in your relationship – then, you finally decide to meet at a certain location. So far so good. But definitely, you can’t trust somebody on a first date. So, when you are going to interact with a person on a one-to-one basis, it’s important that you select a safe location for the same. Remember your first date with a stranger shouldn’t at all be at a very isolated place. So, we brought about a list of some of the safest places for your first date.

List of safe places for your first date

A first date is full of what-ifs! What if the person tried to be physical on the first day? What if you feel totally uncomfortable with the person? What if the person is impersonating someone else? So, the answer to all these what-ifs is only one idea – choose a safe location for your meet-up! And if you need some ideas for the same, keep reading:

  • A happening café

A café is as it is the best location to head over for your first date. And if it’s the most happening café in Whangarei like Nectar Café, then it’s the safest location for your meet-up. They don’t just serve you good food and snacks, but even have an active group of foodies and couples like you hanging over there, which makes it the safest and most happening place to head on your first date.

  • A popular bar

Drinks and chats are the perfect ways to know anyone deeply. And this is also a place where you’ll find lots of people hanging around. This makes it a safe location to head over for your first date. Along with lots of music, dances and flow of drinks, your meet-up would be a total hit if it works out best. But remember, don’t drink too much or be off guard.

  • A concert

If both of you share a love for music, a concert is the best place to head over for your first date. You can enjoy good music along with some chat with each other. And the good music, the pleasant ambiance and like-minded people would make your meeting more fantastic. If you feel you are not comfortable with your partner, you can at least cherish the time spent listening to good music.

  • A gaming alley

Game lovers can simply head to a gaming alley for unlimited fun on a first date. If you think you both hit the chord together, then you can take your relationship ahead starting with this alley. If not, then at least this place is crowded and safe for both of you.

These locations are totally safe for all people. Even for couples like you who aren’t sure of each other, these places are highly recommended for the first meet-up. So, decide mindfully and enjoy your first date safely. 


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