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There is so much to see in Hollywood, but far too many visitors fall into the same tourist traps as everyone else. Visiting the Walk of Fame and driving past the movie studios is always fun, but it can eventually become a bit longwinded and it really doesn’t show what else goes on in the city, behind the scenes. Often times behind the scenes is really what makes a city fun. With the help of a beautiful escort who knows the city, it is easier to navigate through the streets of Hollywood, through the high-end neighborhood of Beverly Hills and everywhere else around town. From fine dining to entertainment, LA escorts can take a guest by the hand and show them the best time of their life.

Escorts are more than just personal strippers. They have intimate knowledge of the city and also intimate knowledge of how to care for a guest. From giving an oiled down back massage after a long flight in to showing off the little known restaurant off the beaten track, the Hollywood escorts are high class and know the city like the back of their hands. A stripper is not going to be able to provide these kinds of services. For someone who just wants a few minutes of adult entertainment, there are plenty of strip clubs in the area. However, for someone who wants a companion for their time in southern California who is as beautiful as the region itself, then Hollywood call girls is the way to go. So, before ever making it into LA, someone who is looking for adventure and companionship needs to check out the available Beverly Hills escorts.

Beautiful LA escorts Just For You

Whether you came to LA on business or pleasure, fun is sure to find you. Sunshine, beaches, movie stars, and yes, gorgeous women everywhere you turn. On the one hand the gorgeous and often scantily-clad lovelies walking around adds to the thrill, excitement and beauty of the LA experience, but on the other hand, it can make a single visitor feel just a little bit lonely. It could, in fact, be downright frustrating to enjoy the view of all of those lovely, fashionable ladies, then go out to dinner alone, and come back to a lonely hotel room.

Now imagine that the very best and most beautiful of those LA women were all available to you, that you could look through their photos and literally pick and choose the best one (or ones?) you want to spend your day or evening with? This is what we can do for you, when you visit our website and select from the finest Escorts Los Angeles has to offer. No matter what sort of woman you envision yourself spending time with–blonde, brunette, redhead, tall, short or whatever features and special skills you would like them to have, chances are you’ll find your dream woman with us, and for a time, you can have her undivided attention.

There are many myths and misconceptions about escorts, just as there are many misconceptions and myths about the men who hire them. You are not breaking the law by hiring an escort–adult entertainment is perfectly legal. An escort is a companion who is there to enhance your experience in our city. Sometimes this means giving you “eye candy” and a friendly person to talk to when you’re out with friends or colleagues, sometimes this means giving you a personal tour guide to help you explore and enjoy the city, or sometimes this means providing you with a whole different kind of exploration and enjoyment in the privacy of your own room.

Forget any misconceptions you may have–our ladies are elegant, educated, warm, friendly fun-loving people who want to have a good time as much as you do. Many escorts in Los Angeles are also experienced strippers and/or trained masseuses, so your private time with our ladies can be satisfying on many levels, and it might just exceed your wildest dreams and fantasies.

Going Out with Escorts in Los Angeles

Los Angeles escorts can do exactly what the name implies–escort you. It seems like every man has a beautiful woman on his arm in this town, so you’re going to need to up your game when you’re moving around LA. Our ladies look and act the part, featuring the kind of sun-kissed beauty that will turn heads even in Southern California. These are the women you have always wanted to be seen with, to have beside you for important events and casual dinners. These are the women you came to LA to see, and now you can have them at your table, listening to your stories, laughing at your jokes, and giving you that special look that makes you feel not just like a man, but like THE man. The only thing better than being out in public with Los Angeles escorts is being in private with them.

If you’re going to a business reception, fundraiser or social function, our Beverly Hills escorts would be an appropriate choice for your companion. These lovely ladies will be dressed appropriately and will fit in as well as any of your colleagues’ wives or girlfriends, if not better. You will be the envy of every man in the room and even the women at the gathering may start to look at you in a different light when they see the vision of beauty who hovers at your side, apparently captivated by your every word.

Even better still, when the event gets too boring and you want to make your exit, our LA escorts know the town and can help you to find the perfect place to stop for coffee or a nightcap. Of course, with wild, fun-loving Los Angeles escorts, you know the date isn’t going to end at a bar or coffee shop–the best part of the date will always take place when you bring her back to your hotel, away from prying eyes.

Enjoying the Nightlife with Los Angeles Escorts

When visiting Los Angeles, chances are you’re going to want to check out the night life, particularly the bar and club scene, which is among the best in the world. If you want to waste your night, show up alone to some club and hope to get in so that you can have the privilege of spending your time and money on some lovely tourist woman from the Midwest who probably isn’t going to do anything with you but accept your drinks and tell you to have a nice night.

On the other hand, if you want to have a great time and a truly memorable LA experience, call or email us to arrange to go to the club with one of the most gorgeous escorts Los Angeles can call their own. Our ladies know the hottest clubs in town and you’ll find you’re a lot more welcome at these establishments with a local beauty on your arm. You can enjoy the nightlife with an exciting, vibrant lovely local woman who will make sure you enjoy the nightlife completely.

Best of all, you have a pretty good idea how this date is going to end and you can bet it won’t be disappointing.

Even if you’re just looking for a companion for an intimate dinner for two, you’ll find our ladies to be engaging, intelligent, and so beautiful that you won’t want to take your eyes off them. It’s never fun to eat alone, so why not dine LA style, with one (or more) of the most gorgeous women you’ve ever met? Again, our ladies know the finest restaurants in town and in the unlikely event that you do end up waiting for a table, that’s just more time you get to spend with a captivating beauty by your side.

This will be the dinner date you dreamed about in high school, the wonderful evening you’ve earned through all your hard work and sacrifice. Just be sure not to be so distracted by her beauty that you forget to eat–you’re going to need to keep your strength up. The best part about dining with one the best escorts LA has to offer? The dessert, of course.


Different guys have different ideas of entertainment. Some may want the nightlife, the drinks, dancing, and fine dining. Others want to just cut to the chase. If you’re in the latter group, don’t worry–there’s nothing wrong with that and we’ve still got you covered. Don’t go to that strip club! (Or if you do, bring one of our lovely ladies with you to ease your frustration.) Many Los Angeles and Century City escorts are actually experienced strippers who love to strip, but prefer to do it in the privacy of your hotel room, where overzealous bouncers and strict bar regulations don’t interfere with their (and your) fun. Imagine the hottest stripper in the gentleman’s club there in the privacy of your room, performing for an audience of one, doing whatever it takes to make you happy. Are you beginning to love this city yet?

If, by chance, you’ve been nominated to find the entertainment for a group of friends or business associates, we’ve got your back. You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful or talented selection of LA strippers than the lovely escorts in LA who we can send right to your door with just a simple phone call. Better than any strip club, you get to pick the exact girl or girls you want from some of the best LA strippers available and they will come to you, perhaps even in outfits of your choosing, ready to follow your game plan. Whether it’s a bachelor party. Celebrating the close of a big business deal or just because it’s Thursday, our ladies will make this a party your friends or colleagues will be smiling and talking about for years (if not decades),and you will forever be remembered as the man who made it happen. That’s not a bad place to be, by any means.


Los Angeles Massage, what can be more satisfying than watching a beautiful woman remove her clothing in the privacy of your own room? How about having that same woman give you a personal massage? Smooth, soft, skilled hands caressing every part of your body–what better way to end a day of exploring one of the most exciting cities in the world? Did I mention that clothing is optional, for both you and your masseuse? I’ll let that sink in while you imagine those soft…hands on your back once again.

It’s all about you with our ladies, and what better way to indulge yourself than by letting them take care of you with a heavenly massage?

Now you might be thinking that there are other ways to get an LA massage, but really, how can you beat having one of the most beautiful escorts in Los Angeles, an escort chosen specifically by you, your perfect fantasy woman, giving you a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own room? This is safer, sexier and more satisfying than your other options.

Traveling can be lonely, even in a city as thrilling as Los Angeles. This is especially true if you’re used to having someone at home waiting for you when you come home every night. Call or email us today and we can have a lovely lady there to meet you in your room to ease the loneliness, and we promise she won’t even ask you to take the garbage out or do the dishes.


This is also a great time to explore. Is there a particular type of woman haunting your fantasies or resting atop your “Bucket list?” Have you never spent time with a redhead, a tall woman, or perhaps a lovely woman of Asian heritage? Escorts in LA come in so many different lovely packages, there is sure to be one to satisfy your curiosity. In fact, even if you’re a player who just likes to try a new flavor every night, you’ve hit the jackpot! We have the loveliest escorts LA has to offer and we have ladies for every taste or fantasy.

You may find yourself wanting to spend another week (or month) here just to be sure that you’ve left no fantasy unfulfilled. It’s alright–there’s always next trip.

No matter where you stay, we can help you. We have Hollywood escorts, Westwood escorts, Burbank escorts and escorts in LA areas from one end of the city to the other. Our ladies are available to come to you day or night, so whether you want to start your day with a bang or end it memorably, it all starts with a phone call or email to us.

You will not find more attractive, attentive or fascinating LA escorts anywhere. Bear in mind that our ladies are adult entertainers, and that they each some with their own special skills and attributes. Hollywood escorts are often actresses who can play any part or role you want them to, and as an added bonus, you may have the pleasure of seeing on the big screen someday–how’s that for a memory? Remember that she is an LA woman who knows how to party, and wants nothing more than to have the time of her life while giving you the best time of yours.


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