Author: Manish

Preventive Measures Of Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge is considered by most experts as just a condition. It is mainly caused by other conditions in women. Some of such conditions include Gonorrhea and Bacterial vaginosis. Other causes are Syphilis infections due to overgrowth of the yeast in the vagina. They assist in absorbing any discharge. This eventually controls vaginal discharge. Such discharge may lead to embarrassing smells. Chlamydia may also lead to the condition in women.It is important to examine of the following ways of preventing the occurrence of this embarrassing condition. Katienicholl One of the preventative health care review measures is to practice good personal…

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The Many Health Benefits of Sex

When you are feeling sexual, the last thing on your mind is the health benefits. But there are many ways that having sex can keep you healthy. Joy Davidson, Ph.D., a psychologist and sex therapist from New York, points out that, “Our sexuality adds to our life and enhances our life and our health, both physical and psychological.” This is a surprise to many people. 1. Stress Relief – One big health benefit from sex is the way in which it reduces both stress level and blood pressure. Researchers in Scotland studied 22 men and 24 women to determine how…

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