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From the scene at the Pickwick Club, to the dance between Joe and Laurie, to the breakfast scene, to the sad scene where Beth dies and plays the piano, Joe’s rejection is full of past events and emotions that can only be shown through the way the writing and chemistry work. It also has to do with their personal connection, which is reflected on screen through comfort and intimacy. Watching it in real time on 9kmovies, I found myself wanting to be there in those moments when the March family brought hope and love into my life and wanting to embrace them in my moments of sadness. That’s the beauty of the story.

My favorite scene is Joe and Rory’s dance, which perfectly captures the essence of their relationship. The opening and closing shots of Little Women are the same, but the feel is different. In the opening shot, Jo sits nervously outside the publishing house, and in the closing shot she receives her first copy of “Little Women”, shot by Greta and directed by Yorick. Greta and Yorick made the film, which was suggested by director Steven Spielberg. It’s beautiful to see the richness of life flowing from every scene of a beautiful picture.
Joe is a symbol of ambition. Amy is a symbol of passion. Meg represents family, and Beth represents hope. And Madge is the guardian. Marsh expresses the importance of the warmth of love in all families. Rory is Madge’s secret sister. He is the eyes of the audience. We adore them and want to live in their world as much as we do. As each character shows their humanity, different connections are made. For example, Joe has always wanted a career as a writer, but in the end we see that he is very lonely and realizes that people need love for 9kmovies. Amy, on the other hand, also feels a strong attraction to her art and, as she says in the monologue, recognizes that she needs to marry someone with money. Meg has always wanted to have a family, but has struggled with expenses.

Greta synchronizes two scenes from two different time periods, one when Bess is ill, the other when she finally dies in 1868. Both scenes are wonderful, the first is shocking, but in the end, as one act repeats after another, the horror of realizing Bess is gone is palpable. To watch her film is to know that she herself created these people, gave them life, language, emotion and atmosphere, and that is what makes the film so enjoyable. We were able to convey the emotion behind each frame, the familiar feelings when Amy hugs Laurie in Paris, the passion when Joe stands in the attic and squirms with rage. There’s so much purity here, you can pick and choose and go on and on.
When you look at her work, it’s like taking a break from time. Jacqueline Durand has masterfully created the costumes, giving each character a subtle personality and unique flavor. The production design is also superb. Every room, every plate, every curtain and every piece of furniture represents this space. The designers recreated the Massachusetts home where Louise wrote Little Women. What’s also special about this work is that Greta has put meaning and detail into every word, every expression, every movement, creating a 9kmovies story that has something to say and is visually evocative.


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