5 Unique Ways to Experience Intimacy This 2021


Intimacy is one of the most essential activities for a couple as it helps you to have that feeling of proximity that many experts suggest for greater relationships. According to a study, people involved in significant intimate relationships provide a sense of completion or wholeness to their partner, which is a vital prerequisite. 

As we are social creatures with a strong sense of emotions, and physical intimacy needs do dictate our choice of partner. Meaningful relationships contribute to the well-being of partners and help them hold each other in rough times. Apart from these benefits, it is essential to understand that intimacy offers value to both partners helping them reap with mutual benefits of a relationship. 

Finding the right way to get intimate is equally important as it can improve the kind of mutual value that you can offer each other. So, here are some useful ways to have great intimacy with your partner. 

#1. Getting Adventurous

One of the most essential parts of being intimate is staying attractive. But, often couples relate being attractive to mean physical appearances, but having an adventurous attitude can be sexy too. Here, communication is essential, and you need to have an understanding with your partner to introduce adventurous positions or ideas.

One way to get adventurous with intimacy is using pleasure tools like a vibrator that can help you with fantastic stimulations. Though it is advisable to use proper lubrication with such devices. If you are not comfortable in using different positions, then you can try a difficult position by adding sex swings to your routine, as they help to leverage an unconventional approach to intimacy.

If you are not too attached to the machoism concept, you can try some prostate fun with butt plugs. They can offer amazing orgasms without worrying about safety due to soft material usage like silicon. 

#2. Reminiscence

Reminisce is all about good times that you have shared with your partner. Communicating a fun experience and remembering those great times can help your relationship rejuvenate. It’s like a time machine that takes you back to the time you first felt that lovely touch, first kiss, eye contact, and a love song that your ears are always ready to hear. 

Nostalgia can be great but bringing the old intimacy back may not be that easy. So, get back to the basics and try to have the same old passion by experimenting with looks or even a role play.

#3. 80:20 Rule

In a relationship, 80 is a good number! Often referred to as the Pareto principle, it is an approach that considers your partner to share 80% of their issues, feelings, and other stuff with you which is better than being totally shut off. 

However, you can reverse the process and take it as 20:80. Seems odd? Well, it is a methodology of considering that our major battles are within ourselves. Most of the time people are not happy with their partner due to their issues with themself, and low self-esteem. The reverse 80:20 rule demands you to make it 80% about you and express most of the issues with your partner.

Now, your partner too can pick it up and use the same method. So, both of you are on the same page, hitting the same chord for your relationship. Such fine-tuning can bring about passionate intimacy creating an enhanced relationship experience. 

#4. Exploiting Intellectual Intimacy

If you and your partner are nerds, intellectual intimacy is your thing. But, even if you are not the einstein’s, it is a method you can try for a healthy relationship. Try to find the creative side of your partner, and ask them to do the same with you. Exploiting the creative and intellectual property of each other can be attractive. 

Encouraging your partner to pursue their passion other than the intimacy can be intimate in its own way. Your partner can feel more attached to you and gradually both of you can easily rekindle that spark of romance. 

#5. Getting Spiritual

Spiritual intimacy is not a new thing and we have seen this along with the entire human history. But, can you practice spiritual intimacy in modern times?. Well here are some ways to do it. 

  • Partners can set waking up time before the sunrise and explore spiritual activities like yoga or meditation.
  • Following the same belief or even same spiritual mentor
  • Exploring alternate healing techniques together like reiki or others.
  • Reading passages from religious texts from the same book every night before bed. 


Intimacy is quite essential for your relationship and ignoring it for a better career or other factors can hurt your chances of being together. There can be many different ways to achieve such intimacy, but choosing the right one depends upon the state of your relationship.


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